New Seven Dragon Ball (1991)
Reviewed by: calros on 2006-10-12
Summary: The Testament of Chen Chun-Liang.
This was the last movie of Chen, the man who directed some of the best martial fantasy movies of Taiwanese film History, above all of them the "Child of Peach" film series. This is not his best film, but it's a very entertaining show. It's based on the first part of the comic by Akira Toriyama & Bird Studio, appeared in 1984 and succesfully adapted into an animated TV series and several animated movies in Japan. The producers didn't buy the rights of this comic, instead of this they said they adapted the original novel in which "Dragon Ball" is loosely based, "Xi You Ji" (Sai Yau Kei / Saiyuki) by Wu Cheng-En, which has been adapted into several Asian movies such as "Journey to the West" (1956), "Monkey Goes West" (1966) or "A Chinese Odyssey" (1995) to name only a few.

Anyway this movie is very funny, has nice wire stunts, cheapy F/X, and many gags and sketches borrowed from (although not so naughty as) the Japanese comic. My copy had not English subtitles but if you know the original version it will be very easy to follow.
Reviewer Score: 7