The Tragic Fantasy - Tiger of Wanchai (1994)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2006-10-28
Summary: Rehash of an old theme but average...
The Tragic Fantasy - Tiger of Wanchai is based on the true story of Wanchai district triad boss Andely Chan and his penchant for race car driving. In this film the character of Andely is played by Simon Yam but with the name Chan Yiu Hing. He and his group of friends start at the lowest levels in the triad world but make their way up through the use of violence and connections to run Wanchai district. However, with greater power comes greater danger and their world starts to crumble when they step on the wrong toes.
Tragic Fantasy is a decent movie, and the fact that it is based on true events makes it a bit more interesting, but by the end it just seems like a rehash of the typical triad theme. A young, upstart punk makes some noise in the underworld and is given greater responsibility, but when the bosses see that he is gaining too much power they realize he is a liability. Nothing really new there. Simon Yam and his cohorts (Lau Ching-Wan, Vincent Wan and Roy Cheung) are fine, but none are really challenged in their roles. Small parts for legendary stars Ku Feng and Lo Lieh round out the cast. There is a fair amount of graphic violence for those interested, and it seems to be the only thing that separates this movie from the rest in the triad genre.
Reviewer Score: 5