Rob-B-Hood (2006)
Reviewed by: evirei on 2006-11-26
Summary: rob-ME-please!
The “taikor” (big brother) in the Hong Kong movie industry is back! With a totally different genre of movie from his previous movie, Jackie Chan teamed up with “all girls want a piece of” Louis Koo, the long time disappeared Michael Hui and yes, a cute little baby!

Seriously, movies these days comes with a pretty self-explained title. Which from the there, we all can practically guessed 50% of the outcome correctly. If there isn’t much twist, it would go up to 70%.

Ya ya.. Goo goo ga ga… Let’s just jump in to the story. Okay, this movie starts of with a quite long opening. The opening of the movie basically is a character building scene. Which features the dynamic thief trio that includes, Slipper (Jackie Chan), Octopus (Louis Koo) and Landlord (Michael Hui). They were rumoured to be the best at what they do.

They grab hold of every opportunity to steal anything valuable. From money to jewelry to antiques even shark’s fin! Yes, they seems to have it all. But Slipper and Octopus are big spenders. Slipper likes to gamble and he gambles big! Octopus on the other hand likes buying expensive car, fine dining and obviously courting girls. He spent like 70% of his money on girls. Landlord on the other hand saves his money because he is getting blind soon, thus he saves all the money up for his future us.

One day, while robbing a hospital safe, while they are trying to run away, they bump in to another big scene. Where millionaire daughter, Man Yee (Cherrie Yin) just gave birth to a baby boy. Her husband, Calvin (Andrew Lin) was very happy. However, Man Yee’s ex flame, Max (Terence Yin) came and grab the baby and tries to kidnap both mother and the baby. Being surrounded at the escalator and some pushing here and there, Max fell and died while Octopus and Slipper manage to save the baby.

Things seems just fine. Octopus continue to court girls while his wife, Bak Yin (Charlene Choi) keeps popping up out of no where to create some cute scenarios. Slipper continues to gamble which makes his family hate him more when the loan sharks kept going there and disturb them. The Landlord was most upset when his house was robbed and all the money he saved up was gone in a day.

Being broke to the max, the three of them decided to take up a big job. Octopus and Slipper was totally excited when heard the amount of money they are going to get after the job and never asked what are they actually targetting. Yes, they never actually knew that would end up turning them from a thief to nanny.

Yes, they kidnapped a baby. They were supposed to send it to the other party but things goes terribly wrong and they would have to take care of it while wait for the landlord to comes out from the jail.

Obviously lots of fun, milk, diaper, pee, singing and emotions. The other party finally send people out to get the baby back. As Octopus and Slipper spent so many days with the baby, their bonds grew. When they saw the baby was in trouble, they couldn’t care less about the money and instantly save the baby.

Well, overall.. it is a more comedy than action. Yes, I assume Jackie is sorta old for actions that he used to do. But it was entertaining. Yeah, I always think anything with Charlene Choi in it is for sure entertaining as she never fails to deliver her cuteness to the audience.

It’s worth the watch since it is a 2 and 1/2 hours movie (with lots of the scenes beind censored). Wonder how long the original one is gonna be?
Reviewer Score: 7