Man Wanted (1995)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2007-01-15
Summary: Mediocre with some good action...
In this undercover cop action-fest, Simon Yam plays Lok Man-Hwa, right-hand man to notorious crime boss Lu Chan-Feng (Yu Rong-Guang). Although he has feelings for Lu's girlfriend Yung-yung (Christy Chung), he keeps his duty in perspective until it is time to take Lu down. When a drug bust goes bad, it appears that Lok has sent Lu to his death, although no body is ever recovered. Even though Lok has a girlfriend, he agrees to help Yung-yung get started again on a new path, even though it threatens his current relationship and his job as a cop. Eventually, Lu resurfaces back in Hong Kong and is looking to exact revenge on the man he once considered a friend.
For the most part, I felt that Man Wanted was a pretty basic undercover cops and criminal yarn. Simon Yam and Yu Rong-Guang do manage to bring plenty of charisma and acting chops to the screen, but it seems to drag until the last 1/3 or so. At that point all hell breaks loose and there are some unexpected twists and deaths. Unfortunately the ending is a bit contrived, which leaves a somewhat bad taste in your mouth. Very slightly recommended.

Reviewer Score: 6