A Kid from Tibet (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: So-So
On the plus side, beautiful photography and some good action sequences, especially the climactic swordfight. Yuen Wah is effective as the villain, essentially replaying his role a few months earlier in Kung_Fu_Vs_Acrobatic, but without the humour. And the party scene, where Biao is asked to show off his magic and the villains sister makes a fool of him is hilarious.

But not a very impressive directorial debut for Yuen Biao. The story wanders all over the place, and Biao can't seem to decide just what sort of character the young lama is. Goofy but virtuous fool ? Irresponsible innocent abroad ? Righteous protector ? The lama manages to annoy the hell out of Comrade Chiu, yet still hold her friendship.

He's never been out of the monastery, yet can speak perfect Cantonese and, despite understandable naivete, is in many ways quite worldly. A lot of his antics and even his style seem to be pinched from Norman Wisdom's old pictures. There's often long stretches between action scenes, and not a lot to hold the attention in between except the lovely scenery.

Overall : so-so.
Reviewer Score: 4