Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Wow !
This was the first ever HK film I saw in a cinema, and under less than ideal conditions. NO subtitles and dubbed into a foreign language in which I'm far from fluent, so I missed quite a lot.

Notwithstanding, this is THE film which started me on the road of serious HK movie fandom. I went in wondering what on earth a film with such a title could possibly be about, and came out knowing even less.

What I could gather of the plot: Two HK advertising guys go/are sent far into the Chinese hinterland, go caving, each eat half of a long brown disgusting-looking object which imbues them with some sort of special powers. Upon their return, a lovely ghost (Joey Wong) and her maid assume human form and move in with the two guys. The ghosts cook a banquet for the guys, using everything to hand (including soap in the soup), and make wild outfits using the guys' underwear. A bad guy then enters the plot. The lady ghosts have some association with him (what, I have no idea). Bad guy boards a train and tracks down advertising guys. He finds them by seeing a tv advert, in which ad guys appear as historical flying-people flogging hamburgers. In a hilarious sight-gag, bad guy knocks on their apartment door, carrying a huge stack of hamburgers, shouts "hamburger" (in English) and commences to wallop the ad guys. A long series of spectacular fight scenes ensue, which also include flying around high-tension powerlines and hundreds of police.

It blew me away.
Reviewer Score: 9