My Cousin the Ghost (1987)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Actually three ghosts.
Ng (Richard Ng) returns to HK to make up with his cousin Ma (Wu Ma) after causing him to be deported from the UK. Their other cousins (four young guys, including Kenny Bee) learn that Ng has already died, is a ghost, but doesn't realize it. How they keep the news from him provides much of the story and quite a few chuckles. Ng is fancied by their female cousin and her evil companion, both ghosts themselves. The scene where Ng and the elder female ghost wipe a window, as though dancing, is hilarious. But the younger ghost must find a man soon, else her soul will never be at rest.

Amusing and playful comedy with offbeat gallows humour.
Reviewer Score: 6