Queen of Underworld (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Lots of Amy, for a change
Amy Yip in a full-on starring role ! Mostly tepid soap-opera, sometimes feverish melodrama, not much comedy and only the briefest nudity (not including Amy).

The Cat III rating is well-earned, but applies to two short scenes only : one violent sex scene near the beginning and one nasty gang-rape near the end. A very young Gigi Lai does well in the small but important part of Amy's daughter.

Far as I can tell, this is one of only two films in which Amy appears with Tan Lap-Man (the other being the excellent Erotic Ghost Story). And this is the first time I've seen the unsightly Shing Fui-On look almost handsome, as Amy's long-time male friend. A number of well-known gangster/tough actors pepper the proceedings.

Overall : mainly of interest to keen Amy fans, who want to see her actually dominate a film, rather than just walk (or wiggle ?) on and off.
Reviewer Score: 4