Raped by an Angel (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Yes, well ....
Yes, it does have similarities with Naked Killer, but they're only trivial. Same director and top 2 stars, and lots of senseless violence. As a long-time fan of Wong Jing, this film was a real shock. It completely lacks Jing's style, flair and big budget. And, as director and sole screenwriter, he has no-one else to blame. It's also a whole lot less fun. And, believe it or not, the story makes even less sense.

This is not the first HK movie which is more interesting to comment on than to watch. Hollywood film references abound. For instance : Some of the plot is pinched from the original Dirty Harry (slimy villain exploiting the law to fulfil dark desires). Two famous scenes from Fatal Attraction are also pinched - where the couple arrive home the first time, and the bath scene. Chingmy Yau, performing a sexy underwear dance, bears an astonishing resemblance to Demi Moore (right down to the haircut) in Disclosure and Striptease (although these were made later. Could it be that Demi is a fan???). And I'm sure they stole bits and pieces from the awful Lipstick (which featured Hemingway's granddaughters).

There are some good points. Triad boss Simon Yam takes Ching to a party, where they meet his tough, wise-cracking and foul-mouthed mother (Ha Ping). In one hilarious scene, mother practically steals the movie. I'd love to have seen her role extended. (Also, the same actress repeated the same role in Young and Dangerous, and was just as effective). And Mark Cheng makes a terrifically detestable villain, as the respectable-looking devious violent hyper-misogynist rapist lawyer. So much so that his inevitable final punishment seems inadequate.

The Cat III rating is fully justified, almost entirely for gore and violence. There are quite a few bad censor's cuts (sex scenes only !). By wandering around naked, Mark Cheng provides the great bulk of the nudity in this film. Pity....... In its own right, this is a so-so low budget violent actioner. But unsatisactory for anyone who's seen the oringinal.
Reviewer Score: 4