Red and Black (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: A waste
This one just didn't grab me. Maybe it was the lack of subtitles, though from the look of what was going on, I really don't think they would have lifted the quality any. The opening scene is unsettling in an awful way, and the scenes following swung between nightmarish (both the supernatural scenes and those where people are struggled against) to banal and boring (e.g. where Tony Leung and Joey Wong walk together, pushing their bikes).

Joey Wong spends a lot of time playing Song Of Joy on a harmonica for no apparent reason. By the time Joey's Dad, some sort of local communist administrator, employs recently- attained supernatural powers to behead a dissenter, I gave up. This was just under an hour into the film. And I suggest any other viewer do the same, long before this point.

Seems a waste of a lot of money and a very fine cast.
Reviewer Score: 1