Robotrix (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Dull, despite .....
Given the story, sets, actors and the idea, this should (and could) have been a wild and wacky soft-porn sci-fi send-up. Well, there are occasional (and short) wild scenes, and infrequent outbreaks of wackiness, but the pace is mostly leaden and slow.

Think of it this way : A sci-fi comic, beautifully drawn, is used as the plan for a movie. The director pastes the best images straight onto the screen, but then forgets to animate the actors in between the comic images. That's the impression I got, again and again, watching this movie. having said that, I definitely recommend any hard-core HK film fan see it ..... just don't be in too much of a rush, and set your expectations pretty low.
Reviewer Score: 3