The Romance of the Vampires (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Fangs and blindness
The Cat III rating is earned, though only just. Moon's brutal sex acts with her intended victims are the main contributor. If you want lots of lovely exposed flesh, forget it ! Some muted toplessness and writhing nude bodies, but not a pubic hair in sight.

The acting is nothing wonderful. Yung Hung suffers a lot, Lam plays the loudmouthed fat boy as a clown, Fung is pretty wooden, though Moon scores a few ghoulish laughs. Yuen King-Tan makes a great but brief appearance as Rainbow's wacky sister, and Billy Chow is suitably horrid as Rainbow's brutish ex-boyfriend, from whom Fung rescues her.

The mood and photography jump between modern day realistic and eerie blue-lit soft-focus and dimly-lit horror in an effective but fairly unexciting manner.

Overall, a strange, weird, uneven and only so-so romance/thriller/comedy.
Reviewer Score: 3