Scarred Memory (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: On the contrary ! Quite disappointing
But first, the good news. Quite a lot of beautiful images and photography. Simon Yam turns in one of his best (and most unusual) performances as the former tough guy made sweet near-idiot by a brain injury. Veronica Yip sure looks great, even (mostly) fully clothed. And the warmth between Dr Yip (Ver Yip) and Lung (S Yam) is evident and real.

However... All this is not enough to save the film. The story is muddled and somewhat implausible. Clearly a star vehicle for Veronica, but fails miserably in this regard, as Yam acts her off the screen (her performance isn't much better than in the dreadful Hong_Kong_Showgirls). And the ending, though perhaps inevitable, is too neat and most disappointing. The result is mostly weird and confusing.

Overall : a must for keen Veronica fans (except those expecting generous views of her great bod), who'll probably love it. Rewarding for keen Simon fans. Others, give it a miss.
Reviewer Score: 3