Stooges in Tokyo (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Pretty awful
The Cat 3 rating is largely for the voluminous smutty talk, especially from loudmouth James Wong (who repeated this persona in Screwball 94, and to much better effect). There's a moderate amount of toplessness and some very fleeting and discreet frontal. If you can wait nearly an hour, there's a full-nude sex scene and a shower scene, both of which cover about one minute. The story is low, knockabout, and gross rather than funny. It even tries (without success) to score laughs from graphic and lengthy discussion of VD.

There is the odd amusing moment, for instance, Timothy Zao and girlfriend trying to get it off and being constantly (and surprisingly) sprung by her parents. And the lusting guys tour around Tokyo is moderately informative. But, really, more tragic than funny. Many references and some theft from Pretty Woman (the US one). Tommy Wong screws up his rubbery face a lot and puts in a lot of effort to lift the proceedings, mostly in vain. Elsie Chan (who featured in Liu_Jai as the talent scout for "servants") is cute as Tommy's very pregnant and naive wife.

OVERALL : Mostly unpleasant and nowhere near sexy enough. Miss it.
Reviewer Score: 2