Ten Brothers (1995)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Gross
Had I not been watching this with a group, I'd have happily fast-forwarded through the really gross parts. The excuse for this is that the ten brothers (including some sisters) have just been born (five of them from the father, in a scene which is truly hilarious) in full adult form but not yet adjusted to human manners.

Each brother/sister has a particular talent (e.g. wonder ears, wonder eyes, sister tears), which they try to employ against evil mandarin Tsui Kam Kong who, having grown tired of his current and still lovely harem, instructs his head guard to have fun with them then throw them off the nearest cliff.

Wavers uneasily between good and really terrible. In some places it's hard to know whether to laugh or throw up, but mostly there's no doubt ! Lots of stupid (and unfunny) little kid type jokes about shit and pissing. Why on earth did they feel they had to include the "shit stance" ?! You have been warned........
Reviewer Score: 3