To Be Number One (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Summary: Nowhere near number one
I haven't seen Scarface, but this reminded me of a bad copy of Scorcese's Goodfellas (which was pretty awful too !). If you can empathize with any of the characters here, you're doing better than me. Ray Lui sneers and swaggers a lot, but is neither evil enough to be a truly engaging villain, nor likeable enough to be an anti-hero.

Plenty of extremely gory fight action, but nowhere near satisfying enough to save this turkey. A few notes for die-hard Amy fans, who'll watch this film for no other reason. Frequent use of the fast-forward button is recommended. La Amy has a few brief appearances, featuring the usual liberal but not total cleavage views. Her best scene is when crime boss Kent Cheng repeatedly slaps the famous knockers and declares them droopy. Yeah, right .....
Reviewer Score: 2