Winners and Sinners (1983)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-01-28
Enormously popular film which spawned numerous sequels, whose titles use the name "Lucky Stars". There are great and even thrilling action scenes which also provide the best comic sequences. The standard of comedy in the non-action parts varies from lame to mildly amusing to mildly offensive. However, it is as a treat to see five of HK's movie greats in action as a team. I'm not counting Chan among them, only because his part is essentially an extended cameo. He appears to be included to add to the stunt quota, and his (two, if I remember rightly) major stunt/action scenes are among his best ever, and are definitely worth enduring the rest of this otherwise so-so effort to see.

The story is fairly slight. Five guys get out of jail and one of their number (John Sham, imaginatively called Curly) helps the others get established. They start a cleaning firm, and get tangled up with a bunch of killers.

This film was my first exposure to Samo Hung. I was therefore stunned to see an apparently fat dork the equal of Jackie Chan in martial arts skill. His character is called Teapot and, in one excrutiating scene, he sings his theme song "I'm A Little Teapot" (yes, THAT one). But why on earth he sings it to the tune of "Aloette" is never explained. (Seriously, does anyone else have a definitive answer to this ?). There are a few too many fat jokes at Samo's expense for my liking, though of course he always does this.

OVERALL : Not great, but watch it for the stunts, and to see so many great HK film identities together.
Reviewer Score: 6