Sam the Iron Bridge - Champion of Martial Arts (1993)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2007-02-03
Summary: Quality mainland martial arts production...
Sam the Iron Bridge, as mentioned before, is the second part in the trilogy of movies set during the time of foreign influence in China. Sam Liang (Do Siu-Chun) is working as a rickshaw driver and delivery man with his two friends. He is still with Tieh (Yip Chuen-Chan) and they plan on getting married. Sam has begun to see the influence of opium on his countrymen, and ends up entering a martial arts tournament in order to get enough money to bail out his friend who has gotten addicted. During the matches, Sam catches the eye of the daughter (Fennie Yuen as Keke) of the provincial lord. A martial artist herself, she is determined to beat him in a match and demands that the lord's bodyguard teach her his deadliest styles. Meanwhile, the flow of opium to and from into the country is being challenged by a government officer. He is convinced that opium is going to be the death of China and is determined to staunch it's distribution. He is strongly opposed by the provincial lord and the target of assassination attempts. Sam manages to stop one of these attempts and is quickly embroiled in the ensuing events. When a nationwide martial arts tournament is arranged by the emperor, Sam enrolls in order to fight for his ideals and a stronger China. Enrolling as well is bodyguard of the lord, looking to destroy Sam and his opposition to the opium trade.

Sam the Iron Bridge is not quite to the level of White Lotus Cult, but it is still a fun movie. Do Siu-Chun is an excellent martial artist and his scenes are well choreographed (by Phillip Kwok) and exciting. There is also an interesting love triangle between Sam, Tieh and Keke. Additionally, the presence of Lily Li Li-Li always brightens up the scenes she is in. Recommended for those looking for a good historical martial arts film with mainland wushu stars and some quality fights.

Reviewer Score: 7