Wonder Girlfriend (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-02-06
Summary: Yeah, well ...
Manhwa artist loses job and girlfriend is pissed off about him. So he gets drunk and wishes upon a star ... just as a spaceship is flying overhead, and an alien buzzes out and follows him home. Using his comic drawings on the walls as a guide, the alien assumes human form (to become Jacqueline Law) and calls herself Mah-Hey. Girlfriend gets understandably upset and walks out. Artist and Mah-Hey get jobs in a new firm, where she gives him support and help to succeed where he failed before. In between, Mah-Hey drinks water by the large bucketload, occasionally helps artist win fights, and looks into his dreams while he sleeps. The basic plot has been used in many other HKs (e.g. Iceman Cometh, Fantasy Romance), who in turn pinched it from Hollywood.

Shot on video (very cheaply) without ANY subtitles, but fairly easy to follow just the same.

Harmless, pleasant and unexceptional.
Reviewer Score: 4