Unexpected Challenges (1998)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2007-02-13
Summary: Ultimately, you'll be disappointed...
A truly low-budget movie, Unexpected Challenges is a category III bomb starring the ever-popular Shu Qi. Shu plays Zsa Zsa, an opportunistic reporter who uses the son of a former golf pro to get her scoop. Win Kao (O Chun-Hung) is running a failing golf course, and is forced to sell to an overbearing career woman, Jenny Wu (Lily Lee Lee-Lee). Eventually, being reminded of his past tragic love, he falls for Jenny and they seem happy for a time. Later, Zsa Zsa has gotten close to Win and reveals that she has admired him since childhood. Finding it nearly impossible to resist Zsa Zsa's charms (and who could blame him), Win leaves Jenny for her, throwing Jenny into a fit of jealousy that eventually hatches a deadly plot.

Ok, let's face it. You're probably not watching this movie for the plot or the acting. You're watching it for the nubile Shu Qi and the couple of nude scenes she most likely appears in. With this expectation, you'll probably be disappointed. She appears in two scenes naked, one being an extended sex scene, but nothing more explicit than you'd see in any of the films being dumped out of Hollywood these days. Lily Lee Lee-Lee also appears in a nude scene, as does little known Tsui Bing-Ying. As for the 2000 release date, my best guess is this was shot long before Shu Qi was a big star, and was released in order to capitalize on her success in Portland Street Blues, Storm Riders and Gorgeous. It honestly appears to be a low budget Taiwanese production with little known actors other than the three top billed. Overall, not worth what you would most likely be watching for.

Reviewer Score: 2