Mad Mad Ghost (1992)
Reviewed by: calros on 2007-03-18
Summary: OK, this is not the best of the series...
...but anyway about the 50% of the gags were really funny. Lam plays his usual role, accompanied by five young disciples, one of them a girl (Li Fai) with good kung fu knowledge. They live in a house with a married couple of ghosts in the attic. The husband (Mandy Chan) is always beating and crying at his poor submissive wife Ah Kuen (Jacqueline Law), but Lam will expel him from the house and becomes the protector of Kuen, who will become Madonna-kuen when she falls in love with the 1990s' way of life. Troubles are coming when a couple of Mormons (Edde & Mark) want to dig up in the garden in search of a treasure buried there long time ago. So, the sifu, his disciples and his ghost will face the Mormons in a strange combat in the house. This last segment could have been better but anyway I had a good time.

I liked some enjoyable stuntwork and specially the combat against Mandy and his ghost friends.

Ah! the other 50% of the gags were not so funny.
Reviewer Score: 6