Faithfully Yours (1988)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2007-04-18
Summary: Uninspired and flat...
Faithfully Yours is a very weak comedy starring Jackie Cheung, Max Mok and Stephen Chow. The three stars have opened a hair salon next to an established barbershop run by Richard Ng. They have no issue with putting him out of business until they meet his beautiful daughter Ying, played by Sharla Cheung. They are collectively smitten and make every attempt to get her to go out with them, even to the point of making fools of themselves in order to garner the favor of her dad at her dinner party. All three get blind drunk and stumble into Ying's room, passing out on the floor. A month later, they find out that Ying is pregnant, and one of them is the father. As a result, each try to prove to Ying that they would be the best husband.

Not surprisingly, Faithfully Yours was released shortly after the Hollywood hit Three Men and a Baby. They could have used a little more time in developing the script, because the writing and acting are simply uninspired. Stephen Chow looks absolutely bored to tears in half his scenes and Richard Ng looks no better. Sharla Cheung is pretty, but also tends to look somewhat clueless for virtually the entire film. Needless to say, this film is not one that should be seen except by the most devoted fans of Stephen Chow, and even that is pushing it.

Reviewer Score: 3