Heavenly Legend (1999)
Reviewed by: calros on 2007-05-26
Summary: Sun Wu-Kong meets Na Cha!
Well, actually they already met in "Havoc in Heaven" (1964). Lin Chih-Yin plays Monkey King, Shieh Shiao-Long plays Ne Zha and Hau Shao-Yen plays Little Pig, and they must join forces to rescue Lady Dragon (Vivian Hsu), Dragon King's daughter, in this movie for kids. Lin and Shieh are fantatic in their roles but, as always, Hau spoils several scenes with his Stanislawski Method. Gags in this movie (the first hour) are very clumsy but nice cheap sets, muppets and CG F/X and of course wire action scenes raise the entertainment. The last half-hour is plenty of inspired martial combats for kids. This seems Chen Chi-Hwa's last movie. :(
Reviewer Score: 7