Golgo 13 (1978)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-06-15
Summary: I'm with cal42
No-one's mentioned the cinematography yet. There is lots of terrific scenery. Panoramic shots of Hong Kong's skyline and harbour. Downtown Kyoto. Ahh, makes we want to start travelling again. For all thw silliness of the story, this movie is at least great to look at.

Sonny spends a lot of time snarling around, sometimes bursting out in a flurry of kicks and, of course, dispatching bad guys and gals with his character's trademark, the single shot in the middle of the forehead. Man, this guy is cool. Callan is surprisingly good as his pursuer/admirer. Jerry Itoh and Nick Lam do creditable work as baddies.

The story is slipshod and silly, yet as a vehicle to make things happen, it works very well. Overall, good daft 70s fun.
Reviewer Score: 7