The Monkey King Conquers the Demon (1985)
Reviewed by: calros on 2007-06-16
Summary: Nice sequel of ''Havoc in Heaven''
Filmed 20 years later, this animation movie is even better than the original. It tells the story of the "Pilgrimage to the West" (Xi You Ji) from the second part, which tells the encounter between Monkey King Sun Wu-Kong, holy sifu Tang, pigsy monk Zhu Ba-Jie and faithful monk Sha Wu-Jing, who must retrieve the Buddhist sutras. The Female White Bone Devil, who wants to eat the Sifu, appears to them three times under human form but Wu-Kong unmasks her and kills the human forms. But Sifu misunderstands the monkey and punishes him driving him away to his birthplace the Hua Guo Mountain. Meanwhile, Tang and his disciples are cheated again by the Devil in the false Tian Wang Temple. The story is divided in 5 parts.

The backgrounds of this animation film are fantastic, mainly the wild mountains where the adventures take place, the character design is also very inspired; but the music by Jin Fu-Zai is the best thing here, really fantastic. Animation master Te Wei was the supervisor of this great movie.

Shanghai Animation released 2 versions of this DVD. The cheap "white" cover seems a "rip" from an old videotape in 1.66:1 format. The "red box" cover is the DVD you must buy if you want the 1.85:1 remastered version.
Reviewer Score: 8