The Fruit Is Swelling (1997)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2007-07-11
“The Fruit is Swelling” shows a universe in which all sex is casual. For Mr Chiu Siu Fun (Peach's Father)—which was more like Elvis Tsiu playing by Elvis Tsui—he didn’t have to leave the house. When representatives of the Hong Kong government arrived to inquire about his missing daughter—in one case a police officer in another her teacher—he simply had sex with them there in the living room while his wife was otherwise occupied. “Baby”, Danny Wong’s old flame, is willing to dope Danny’s wine with an aphrodisiac then drink it herself by mistake and end up having very vigorous sex with one his friends. Lychee Chiu’s boyfriend comes to their apartment. Finding Peaches asleep his only thought is to get undressed and hop into bed with her.

The only person not committed to such a debauched life is Danny who has to overcome the disadvantages of good looks, wealth and charm. He breaks up with Baby because she drinks too much (which she does) and puts it about too much (the same). He falls head over heels in love with Peaches but is such a gentleman that he holds off on everything when she objects to his very reserved advances.

Peaches, of course, has a problem and is a problem. She is eight years old and wants to grow up immediately. Her gorgeous sister is very popular with men and she would like to have them knocking on her door although Peaches has no idea how to accomplish that or what to do if it were to happen. It does happen because the enchanted wishing tree in the neighborhood is willing to grant her a wish and she ages ten years overnight. Having gone to bed as a cute but gawky and sheltered little girl, she awakens as an arrestingly beautiful young adult but who still thinks and acts like and eight year old.

This is the basis for most the conflict in the movie and the impetus for the plot to limp along. More importantly it provides the reason for the striking Jane Chung Chun to appear in various states of undress, including completely. Her cloying virginal cuteness was only sporadically interesting but she always looked great other than the last scene. She had managed to return to her original age, shocking Danny and pleasing her parents since she had been missing for two weeks. Danny was so appalled that he apparently renounced women for the next ten years (although it didn’t seem to age him a day) pining away and making bagfuls of money, with the idyllic two weeks with the eighteen year old Peaches just a haunting memory. When she shows up—as if anything else could happen—they wind up finally having sex in a swimming pool. This is the last scene and Jane Chung Chun looked more like a woman trying to drown herself than one caught in the throes of passion.

“The Fruit is Swelling” isn’t funny nor is it very titillating and isn’t recommended.
Reviewer Score: 3