Prince Charming (1984)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2007-07-22
Summary: Sex slapstick and Maggie Cheung's debut ...
Prince Charming is a silly romantic comedy from Wong Jing featuring the screen debut of the legendary Maggie Cheung. A year after her second place finish in the Miss Hong Kong contest, Cheung was cast as Kitty, one of the women being pursued by Chen Li Pen (Kenny Bee) and Lolanto (Nat Chan). Chen Li is the son of an enormously wealthy Hong Kong businessman and is vacationing in Hawaii, experiencing typical girl problems. His lothario friend Lolanto flies in from Hong Kong and is determined to find Chen Li a girl within a few days. On the beach, they happen upon Kitty and and May Yu (Cherie Chung) who coincidentally are their next door neighbors in their hotel as well. After a series of hijinks, Chen Li and Lolanto are back in Hong Kong and investigating high-level embezzling in Chen's father's corporation. It also turns out that Kitty and May are employed there as well, with Kitty being the secretary of the supposed embezzler. Because Chen has been notoriously inconspicuous and no one knows what he looks like, he is able to assume to role of a limousine driver for Lolanto, who takes on the persona of Chen Li himself. While tracking down the corruption, Lolanto and Chen also are trying to win the hearts of the two women, but are they looking for true love or only money?

Like most Wong Jing movies, Prince Charming has some sex humor, unlikely plot twists and slapstick scenarios, but it's all in good fun. Kenny Bee is a bit nebbish in his role as the love-jinxed Chen, but Nat Chan makes up for it with his second turn as Lolanto (the first being in Hong Kong Playboys). He reprised the role in the Wong Jing helmed I Love Lolanto a few months later in 1984. Maggie and Cherie Chung are cute and harmless in their roles, but not much is expected from their characters. Don't expect more from this other than a few humorous scenes and the debut of the fresh-faced Maggie Cheung.

Reviewer Score: 6