Looking for Mister Perfect (2003)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2007-08-12
“Looking for Mr. Perfect” is a goofy comedy, as insubstantial as the outfits worn by its female leads. Isabelle Chan is Joey a model on a photo shoot taking place in a palatial resort in Malaysia. She is accompanied by her best friend, Grace,(Shu Qi) who is taking a few weeks off because of a different type of shoot—she is a Hong Kong police officer who has had enough close calls with armed criminals that they appear regularly in her dreams. Also at the resort are a team of criminals led by Simon Yam who are trying to purchase a missile tracking system and the software to run it plus a brace of secret agents who are staking out the resort trying to find the system. On the periphery are two very diligent suitors vying for Grace’s hand, a small time informer who has attached himself to Grace and who appears in the oddest places, an outrageously gay photographer and a libidinous agent with a suspicious wife.

It is a lovely summer comedy—pretty actresses in shorts and T-shirts, Simon Yam trying to steal ever scene he is in, occasionally being upstaged by his costumes, a quasi martial arts ending in which the combatants use almost every environmental prop they can lay their hands on, including fruit, (but not the spiked durian, the cluster bomb unit of fruit weaponry) a broom, a bamboo window shade, a life preserver and a lot of flower pots. Nothing is ever too serious—two people are kidnapped and threatened with death but manage to fall in love during their ordeal, which doesn’t seem that odious. The missile tracking system, which looks like a shop floor computer for production control, is the perfect MacGuffin. Everyone is after it but everyone forgets about it when something more interesting, such as Ruby Wong in a purple bustier or Hui Siu-Hung on a jet ski.

Worth seeing not only for the laughs but also to pick out the references to other movies that seem to pop up every ninety seconds or so.