Legend of Twins Dragon (2007)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2007-08-22
Summary: Rises above television status
Originally shot as a television series, Shuang Long Ji is a retelling of the material that inspired Twin Dragons (Yuen Woo Ping film from the 90s). Here Nicholas Tse stars as a young martial artist who fights in matches on a platform in the middle of town. When opponent Xu Xiang Dong loses a fight to him on purpose, a series of events takes place that will eventually lead Xu Xiang Dong's character down a dark and murderous path, while Nicholas Tse's character must learn Wing Chun from master Sammo Hung to set things straight and face a final confrontation with rival Xu Xiang Dong.

I found out this was a edit of a television show after watching it through, but it is a bit obvious. The cinematography is solid enough, but the editing has some problems at times; music will only be used for a couple seconds for a shot then switched to different music in a scene following. It makes it feel cut up, even if it perhaps isn't.

Yes we have both Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao featured in this film. Yuen Biao plays Nicholas Tse's father which is a dramatically satisfying role, but neither him or Sammo have any standout fight scenes. In fact we only get to see Hung and Biao fight for a couple brief moments towards the end. There is also some brief fighting with Ji Chun Hua, perhaps best known as the villian from Fong Sai Yuk 2 as well as a number of similar roles in movies at the time. Really though, the fight scenes belong to Nicholas Tse and Xu Xiang Dong. Nicholas Tse looks confident and authentic in his practice of Wing Chun, the fights are well choreographed and do not neccessarily look like they were filmed for a tv series. I had read that this had some release problems due to the violence in the fight scenes, but aside from some implied bloody happenings near the middle, the fight scenes are clean and generally not overly violent. Blood is used only sparingly.

Go into this not expecting a vehicle for Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao and instead watch the well choreographed fights by a younger generation and it should be an enjoyable watch.
Reviewer Score: 7