The Spy Dad (2003)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2007-08-26
Summary: Same formula but mixed results
It looks like Wong Jing is finally returning to the old formula of which he is the master. Stunning pieces of flashy entertainment like God Of Gamblers Return, High Risk and City Hunter show what Jing is capable of.

With The Spy Dad, he's up to his old tricks. There are gags aplenty, wacky stuff all over the place. But unlike GOGR et al, things are hit and miss. It felt like watching a master chef, confidently using the right ingredients, but not quite getting the method right. Some of the flat spots, where he tries to get laughs, fall very flat indeed.

However, there is plenty to like. An actor no-one else has mentioned is Meme Tian, who looks like a young Joey Wong. Jing gave her a tough fighting fem part, and she really shines. And the galaxy of well-known talent is awesome. I'll watch anything which features Big Tony and the ever-reliable Elvis Tsui, and they give their all. And Jordan Chan as the spy who gets dumbed down to a four year old is a scream.

Overall, as long as you don't expect the same brilliance as Wong Jing had in the early 90s, this one is a fun romp.
Reviewer Score: 6