Fist of Shaolin (1973)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2007-08-26
Summary: Generic plot with decent fights
After finding his father and family massacred, Chin Wan Lee (Pai Ying) enters the Shaolin temple as a young boy, and emerges as the film begins, bent on revenge. His sole purpose is to find the man responsible, an assassin that uses metal blades of a fan as throwing weapons. On his travels, he intervenes on a fight between a family and a group of thugs. Seeing his fighting skills, the town chairman (Han Ying-Chieh) hires him to protect rice shipments to the neighboring countryside. As events unfold, it starts to appear as Chairman Li is corrupt, and when Chin starts to find clues from his childhood in the chairman’s home, he begins to be suspicious of Li’s involvement in his own past.

Fist of Shaolin is not a terrible movie, but it simply doesn’t have enough redeeming factors to recommend it. The fights are decent but sloppy, the plot has been seen too many times, and there are constant flashbacks to events in Chin’s childhood that interrupt the modern story. Pai Ying is fine as the lead, but there isn’t much for him to do but look broodingly off screen. A lower budget, common Taiwanese production and simply average.

Reviewer Score: 5