Older Master Cute (1981)
Reviewed by: calros on 2007-09-01
Summary: Mediocre animation movie.
This was the first full-length animation movie based on the famous character created by Alphonso Wong, "Lau Fu Zi", a. k. a. "Master Q", a. k. a. "Older Master Cute", a. k. a. "Mr. Funny Bone". This time the main topic are the kung fu movies, with special appearances of Bruce Lee and japanese animation characters Ling Fong (Teppei Uesugi) and Tiger Face (Tiger Mask). Actually it's a very plain movie with a few nice gags. This movie cannot be compared with the masterpieces of the Shanghai Animation Studio and is even worse than the 3D animation movie from 2001. The DVD has an alternate ending starring Bruce Lee.
Reviewer Score: 4