The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2007-11-11
Summary: Impressive
Two kung fu masters, each with a style of their own, take on a disruptive man in town, defeating him. However when the greatful civilians start arguing over which master's style is better, the two refuse to talk to each other. They each open up schools to teach their styles when a mysterious stranger appears to have his son's learn kung fu, with one learning a style from each school. In the meantime Sei Lengjai(Stephen Tung),a kung fu wannabe befriends a wandering kung fu master (Sammo Hung) who convinces him it's best to learn every style you can, so Sei Lengjai studies from both teachers. When the mysterious strangers intentions are revealed it may be up to Sei Lengjai and his new teacher (Sammo Hung) to save the day.

Lots of familiar faces in this one, the usual crew that surrounded Sammo at the time. There are also tons of later prominent stars in supporting roles such as Lam Ching Ying who shows up briefly in a fight at one of the schools about half way in. The story takes a while to figure out where it is going - not that it is badly written, but the main plot doesn't come out until a bit into the movie. The characterizations here are great as you would expect from a movie that Sammo clearly had his fingers deep in. The fight scenes are impressive throughout with nearly every prominent character getting to show off at some point. The most impressive fights come towards the end of the movie when Sammo uses his 'growing staff' to take on a master of short spears and the final fight with the villian and his acrobatic posse. There is a great detail here to authentic styles of kung fu, not to be missed by fans of Sammo or the comedy kung fu genre.
Reviewer Score: 8