The Daredevils (1979)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2007-11-18
Summary: Somewhat disappointing Venom film...
The Venoms reunite for another go around, this time taking on a corrupt general who has killed the family of Yang Daying (Lo Meng). Daying goes to see his four closest friends to devise a plan for revenge. Fu Quanyi (Lu Feng), Xinzheng (Sun Chien), Liang Guoren (Phillip Kwok) and Chen Feng (Chiang Sheng) are all of modest means, but are incredibly loyal to one another. After a few initial schemes to gather funds for their plot do not pan out, Daying decides to take matters into his own hands and do the job alone. Unfortunately, he is overwhelmed by the general (Wong Lik) and his three martial art master bodyguards and killed. Realizing they are dealing with a bit more than they had planned for, the remaining friends devise an elaborate plan to gain the trust of the general and eventually destroy him.
The Daredevils is a decent movie, but never reaches the levels that one expects from a Venom collaboration. One of the most charismatic actors in the Shaw stables, Lo Meng, is disposed of within the first 30 minutes and the movie suffers for it. The supporting four are good, but the exciting kung fu acrobatics do not really kick in until the final scene of the film. The remainder of the movie is filled with the overly-complicated plot to get the general to fall for their plan. It involves Lu Feng's character pretending to be a rich son of a high-ranking military leader looking to establish a power base in that region of the country. Unfortunately for the viewer, the plot takes much too long to develop and the payoff in the end, although well done, is not worth the wait. A typically abrupt and puzzling Chang Cheh ending makes The Daredevils a middle-of-the-pack addition to the Venoms library.

Reviewer Score: 6