Snuff-Bottle Connection (1977)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2007-11-26
Summary: Fights Scenes Aplenty
An early treat from choreographer Yuen Woo Ping a year before he directed Drunken Master. The plot involves the Russians trying to make use of the ports in China as the ports of Russia are frozen during the colder parts of the year. This involves a Russian diplomat and a Chinese general working together and against the county of China. An official (John Lui) and his friends work in attempt to thwart their efforts while trying to avoid the constantant ambushes by the Chinese general (the ever brutal Hwang Jang Lee).

The fights here are fast and well choreographed and plentiful throughout. There are unfortunately several fights that take place at night which aren't well lit enough to really make out the happenings, but the best bits are done during the day where the action can be enjoyed fully. My favorite part perhaps was Yip Fei-Yang (playing the official's friend) fighting off a group of attackers with a bench which included some moves that I haven't seen elsewhere and seemed much more practical and brutal than say the bench work in Drunken Master. The final fight with Hwang Jang Lee is a bit too brief but as always we are treated to an array of impressive moves within the choreography. Although Yuen Biao is listed in the credits, don't see this expecting any sort of showcase for him. He is only an extra here and I spotted him very briefly in a scene that takes place in a gambling parlor as one of the guards. That said, the movie is still full fantastic and frequent fights. The plot, though a bit tedious, does have a great sense of heroism and the connection between the protagonists does hold some weight which is more than can be said for many of the political actioners of the time. If you are ready for a feast of talent, this movie is for you, in particular pay attention to John Lui's fantastic leg work. Not a classic in plot, but certainly a standout for it's action.
Reviewer Score: 7