Dances with Dragon (1991)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2008-01-17
Summary: Sharla shines! ;-)
1991 was a hugely successful year for the prodigious filmmaker Wong Jing and the handsome pop star Andy Lau. Box office success with the Lee Rock films, Tricky Brains, and The Last Blood continued a run that began with God of Gamblers and Casino Raiders in 1989. This effective romantic comedy was released during the Christmas holiday season. With the emphasis on the comedy, Mr. Wong crams in copious amounts of self-referential jokes about Hong Kong movies, foreign films, and Hong Kong cinema audiences.

With the emphasis on the romance, Mr. Wong creates nice screen chemistry with Andy Lau and the beautiful Sharla Cheung Man that is bonded with the cinema goodness of Deannie Yip and Ng Man-Tat. Honestly, it's hard to imagine anyone not falling for Ms. Cheung and Lau doesn't have to act too hard. Nice production values and high technical marks do not mask the fact that everyone was having fun on this project.

Reviewer Score: 7