Drunken Monkey (2003)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2008-02-08
Summary: familiar and comforting
Liu Chia-Liang's Drunken Monkey provides very good entertainment value. It is as much fun as a barrel of, uh, drunken monkeys. The film is a showcase for the talented Jacky Wu Jing who does a fine job holding his own with the legendary stars he's working with. It is great seeing Gordon Liu Chia-Hui doing his thing working again with his brothers, the director and the action director.

Working from a screenplay from veteran filmmaker Keith Lee Bak-Ling, director Liu takes us over and through a lot of material that seems familiar and comforting, Drunken Monkey is reminiscent of films like Mad Monkey Kung Fu [1979], Operation Scorpio [1992], and Drunken Master III [1994]. Production crew works hard to capture the look and feel of the legendary Shaw Bros. studio product. Key to this is the veteran Shaw's cinematographer Lee San-Yip, who shot films like Coward Bastard [1980], Corpse Mania [1981], and Wits of the Brats [1984].
Reviewer Score: 7