Flash Point (2007)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2008-02-22
Summary: Donnie Yen steps it up again...
Three brothers from Vietnam are quickly becoming the most powerful force in Hong Kong, and Inspector Ma (Donnie Yen) has set his sights on taking them down in this follow up "prequel" to the enormously entertaining SPL. Tony (Collin Chou) is the lead brother in this gang, along with Archer (Ray Lui) and Tiger (Xing Yu from King Fu Hustle). Wilson (Louis Koo) is an undercover cop who has infiltrated their group and continuously tips off Ma to their plans. When Wilson's true identity is discovered, the brothers slowly begin to pick off anyone that can testify against them, setting their sites finally on Wilson and his new-found girlfriend (Fan Bing Bing).

In my review of SPL, I mentioned that I hoped that it would bring back the classic action of Hong Kong films from the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately, it looks like we simply have to wait for Wilson Yip/Donnie Yen collaborations to bring us that level of enjoyment. Yen again shows us why he is quickly becoming the premiere action choreographer working today, with an incredibly entertaining style of kung fu that includes many of the trends seen today in the world of mixed martial arts. Flash Point is a very exciting action picture, with a nod towards the intrigue of Infernal Affairs and the high-tension drama of undercover police work. There are many scintillating action sequences and the screen presence of Yen continues to shine with every subsequent film. As mrblue mentions, the final fight between Yen and Chou rivals some of the best ever filmed, with 20 minutes of non-stop brutal limb-wrenching action. Chou is a worthy opponent for Yen in both the fighting and charisma arena, and he adds to a film that should be seen by any fan of Hong Kong cinema.

Reviewer Score: 10