Love on Delivery (1994)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2008-02-26
Summary: One of the Best
Stephen Chow plays Ho, a noble but cowardly delivery man who is picked on by most everyone he comes in contact with. While delivering to a sports center one day he is kissed by Lily (Christy Chung) who is trying to off put the advances of martial arts coach Blackbear. Ho tries to win Lily's heart and is faced by a series of challenges that with the help of Devil Killer (Ng Man Tat) leads him to a fight that will show his true colors.

One of the best Stephen Chow comedies out there, Love on Delivery really does deliver on all levels. The humor is very silly at times, but it's so good natured that it's hard to not smile and laugh all the way through. Some of the best bits involve the indestructible Garfield and the match at the end where Ho and Devil Killer screw with Tuen Shui Lau. I still laugh out loud a lot when watching this movie and I have seen it upwards of a dozens of times. As usual there are some great splashes of genuine emotion here, a Chow specialty, and his character here is one anyone can get behind and root for. We are also treated to some unique martial arts at the end and though much of it's played for laughs it's still impressive to watch.

My one complaint here is that Christy Chung's character is never really fleshed out. Aside from being beautiful and longing for a brave hero she comes off as shallow the rest of the time since those are her two outstanding traits. I don't think it's necessarily a miscast as some have suggested so much as just undernourishment of character development. It isn't enough to detract from the movie and Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat's characters have enough development to fill the void.

It's unfortunate that Chow's earlier movies haven't been released in a more available form in the US as fans of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle will find many of the rest of his films on par if not surpassing those later efforts. It's also unfortunate that a lot of Western audiences can't be bothered sitting through a movie unless it's been muddled by horrible dubbing and chopped up for a true popcorn experience. If you have only seen the latter two movies though do yourself a favor and seek this out or many of the other great Chow films from the 90s.

Also in the supporting cast you will find Wong Yat-Fei (Iron Head in Shaolin Soccer), Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu (villain from God of Cookery), as well as cameos by Billy Chow and Jackie Cheung.

Highly recommended to anyone who loves quality cinema and in particular the heart and comedy of Stephen Chow.
Reviewer Score: 9