I Love Maria (1988)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
A twist on the Robocop story has the bad guys creating a giant evil robot, and then a more human-sized prototype with the face of Sally Yeh (who plays the main bad guy's girlfriend, and partner in crime). Fortunately, some whacky, comedy-relief inventors (John Sham and Tsui Hark - yeah, *that* Tsui Hark!) get a hold of the evil robot Maria and reprogram her to be a force for good. A bumbling, nebbish of a reporter (played by Tony Leung Chiu Wai) makes friends with Sham and Hark and sort of falls in love with the Maria robot. In the final showdown, the good guys and the girl robot take on the bad guys (including the original, human "Maria"/Sally Yeh) and the bad robot. Fun, humorous, and with good special effects. Sally Yeh is great - a much less retiring role than her blind damsel in distress character in John Woo's "The Killer".