Touch and Go (1991)
Reviewed by: kiliansabre on 2008-03-04
Summary: Flat effort from Ringo Lam
Fat Goose (Sammo Hung) witnesses a cop being killed one night while working late at his restaurant. Unfortunately the killers spot him and try to stop him, but Fat Goose manages to upstage them and escapes. Hesitantly Fat Goose calls the police and the dead cop's partner Pitt (Vincent Wan) takes Fat Goose to the station to testify against the "God of Hell" (Tommy Wong), the main murderer of the cop. The police can not hold God of Hell and are forced to let him go promising Fat Goose protection. This promise does not hold true when Fat Goose's house is burned down. Without any other option Fat Goose stays with Pitt and his reporter sister, Angel (Teresa Mo). As the investigation furthers a plot involving prostitution and pornography is revealed. Fat Goose wants nothing to do with it until Angel captures his heart and when God of Hell makes it personal Putt and Fat Goose must band together to put a stop to it all.

I thought this was actually pretty poorly paced and badly put together for a Ringo Lam film. The action in here is pretty intense as you would expect from Lam but for some reason this plays off like more of a comedy than an action movie most of the time which would be ok if the comedy wasn't so weak. For that matter the action was impressive at times but then just rather flat at other times. Sammo does have some hand to hand combat here, but it's not really the emphasis, instead we are given vehicle and gun based action for the most part.

The script here could have used a few more rewrites before it went to press, but at the time the industry was cranking out films at such a fast rate that I think many movies suffered because of it, this being one. When Sammo's character finally does reach the point of no return I didn't actually care enough about them for it to be as impactual as it should have been. It would be great to see this rewritten and remade keeping more consistent with the idea of an ordinary man with no worries being pushed to the point where he would be willing to risk his own life to save the life of those he's grown to care about. Now if this film was a good reflection of that plot line I would recommend it highly, but as it's really just a bit of Ringo Lam pocket fluff perhaps it's best to save it for the enthusiasts.

Reviewer Score: 5