Wild Search (1989)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
ATC: the Book says, "Chow Yun-Fat is a cop who confronts a gang ofViolent Triad psychos. He also finds time to rescue a little girl. And fall in love with her mother." As usual, they don't quite have it right. CYF is a cop who, in the course of investigating the arms-smuggling related of a woman - to which the only witness is her 4 year old daughter - befriends the victim's sister. The sister (aunt of the little girl who witnessed the killing) lives out in the countryside with her embittered father - the little girl's grandfather. In many ways this film is a human interest story, which chronicles the changes and growth of the relations among the widower cop (CYF) and the other three characters in the rural village - the aunt (Cherie Chung), the litlle girl, and the crabby grandfather. Over the course of time, new bonds are formed or reformed in the lives of these abandoned souls (the girl is an orphan, Chow and the grandfather are widowers, and Cherie Chung is a divorcee). The unfolding of this relational drama is punctuated by a serious of violent encounters, of escalating intensity, between the protagonists and the gun- runners - principally, the evil boss "Hung" and his main hit man (played by Roy Cheung Yiu Yeung), who becomes obsessed with killing Chow. Like School on Fire, and director Ringo Lam's other films _except_ for "Full Contact," this film aims to be a serious drama in which the relationships and conflicts are of central importance, and the violent clashes between criminals and cops are shot more in the mode of "realism" than that of a John Woo-like hyper-stylized "ballet" of carnage.