In Sword We Trust (1996)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2008-07-20
Summary: Mediocre anti-Britsh action...
I'm assuming this is a Taiwanese production, as there was no additional information and the credits were cut from the film. Quite nationalistic, there are no foreigners in the film with any redeeming qualities whatsoever. All the British characters are either sadistically violent or double-crossing China haters. The martial arts and choreography are decent, as both leads appear to be accomplished screen and sword fighters. The movie also seems to be made after 1991, as there is a blatant rip-off of the seminal warehouse ladder fight in Jet Li's Once Upon a Time in China. As a whole though, nothing special.

On a related note, the dubbing on the Jalisco DVD is unbelievably bad. There is no background noise, so you basically get 3 or 4 people (who all sound less than 20 years old) saying the lines in completely deadpan voices. Every once in awhile you get a line that obviously doesn't belong, like "They beat the poopydoo out of us," or "Do you use Zest? You're Zestfully clean." It was painful to hear. Although I detest dubbing, it does make me appreciate the work that the voice actors did on those 70's Saturday morning Kung Fu Theater editions.

Reviewer Score: 3