Blood Brothers (2007)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2008-10-07
Summary: Big letdown...
Three close friends, as close as brothers, move to Shanghai in order to follow their dreams. Kang (Lau Yip) is a smooth and unpredictable tough guy, protecting his friends from any trouble. Fung (Daniel Wu) is kind and naive (almost to the point of being a simpleton) and steadily grows wary of Kang's aspirations and temper. Kang's younger brother Xiao (Tony Yang) is seemingly dragged along for the ride, but starts a slow descent of self-destructive behavior once he arrives in Shanghai and cannot adjust to the new lifestyle. Eventually, the three are incorporated into a local gang run by Boss Hong (Sun Hong-Lei). When Fung starts to become interested in the Boss's girlfriend (Shu Qi), conflicts inevitably rise within the organization. Before long, a power play between Kang and the lead enforcer (Chang Chen) develops for control of the gang's future.

I could not agree more with MrBooth's review. The film is shot beautifully, but the script and plot just doesn't match the style. For a bit I was thinking that the actors just weren't up to snuff, but then I realized that the script was very mediocre. They just couldn't rise above the quality of the writing. The first half of the film was almost impossible to follow timeline-wise, as one scene jumped to the next and seemed to have leaped forward many months in the process, all without much of an explanation. This made following the characters' emotional progress very difficult, as they do things and make decisions that never seem to correspond to their actions in a previous scene. There were also some parts (ex. the brothers stealing the guns) in which sudden dramatic music was very distracting and did not mesh well with the scene. I felt that the director was trying to make it similar to the old Shaw Brothers production, but it felt totally out of place and silly. By the end, you're just waiting for it all to be over, as you can predict what is going to happen pretty easily. Blood Brothers is a movie that had a lot of potential, but ultimately is a big letdown.

Reviewer Score: 4