Slickers Vs Killers (1991)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
Interesting Samo Hung comedy in which he stars, as a henpecked salesman who happens to know how to fight pretty well, married to a cop who may be being wooed by a coworker, and whose therapist (played by Hung's real- life wife, Joyce Godenzi) isn't much help. When he witnesses a couple of hapless killers (played by Jacky Cheung and Lam Ching Ying) icing a rival triad member, he becomes #1 of their upcoming victims list. Trouble is, he's known for his predilection for tall tales, and nobody believes him, at first - especially not his wife and her would-be paramour on the force, who goes out of his way to discredit Hung's story. Lots of plot complications ensue, involving attempted assassinations, both rival gangs, bad cops, romantic double crosses, and a strange witness protection setup. Funny, but with surprisingly cynical/dark streak running through it... Good action sequences, as one would expect from Samo!