A Kid from Tibet (1992)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
Yuen Biao is a young Tibetan lama who is sent on a mission toH.K. to recover a powerful magic treasure item that has been stolen from his temple. Corey Yuen is the bad guy who, along with his beautiful evil sister, is trying to appropriate the treasure and its power for his own ends. Michelle Lee is an assistant to the lawyer who is trying to get the papers signed to have the item restored to its rightful owner - the temple. Needless to say, she gets caught in the middle of all the action, and ends up hanging out a lot with Yuen Biao, who is naive and ignorant of the ways of modern life in H.K., but has magic powers and great kung fu skills to compensate (and he's virtuous.) A not bad, not great comedy pretty much in the vein of the superior "Iceman Cometh."