It's Now or Never (1992)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
Unique story about an aging gigolo (Ng Man Tat), his two rebelliousdaughters (Cheung Man and ??), and their friend "Little Bun" (Cynthia Khan, playing a coward who tries to bluff her way out of fights by pretending to know "Eagle's Claw" kung fu). All four of the principals get in trouble with the law, and with elements of the underworld, in situations that range from the seamy to the hilarious to the bizarre. The escalating "feud" of "practical jokes" and tricks that rages between an uptight policewoman and the "bad girl" protagonists is something special to watch. An innovative and interesting film - Cheung Man really caught my attention, this time! Very non-typical role for Cynthia Khan.