To Liv(e) (1992)
Reviewed by: hokazak on 1999-12-09
NOT the 1994 Zhang Yimou/Gong Li movie... Rather, a smart littlefilm (that would fall into the "independent film" genre, in the U.S.) that actually presents, and simultaneously offers insightful cultural and political critiques of, a variety of subject positions and points of view on contemporary Hong Kong, in the aftermath of an international outcry over Hong Kong's involuntary deportation of a number of Vietnamese refugees - culminating in an open letter from actress and well known humanitarian, Liv Ulmann. This film is a response to that letter (in several sequences, one of the protagonists reads from a letter she is composing in response to Ulmann's statement - at times addressing the camera directly), but it is also a "slice of life" peek at the lives and relationships of a couple of overlapping circles of families / friends / lovers. And on yet another level it dramatizes and offers a commentary upon the "caught-in-betweenness" of contemporary Hong Kong and its citizens.