Easy Money (1987)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2008-12-26
Summary: A retread, but well done caper...
Easy Money is an enjoyable romp through some locations that are not normally seen in Hong Kong movies. Michelle Yeoh plays Michelle Yeung Ling, an ultra-wealthy heiress that has grown bored with the everyday humdrum. To break the monotony, she plans elaborate heists and hires crew from all over the world to accomplish the job. George Lam plays a character named, well, George Lam, an insurance investigator who needs to figure out what has happened. If this sounds familiar, it's not surprising; it's essentially a remake of the 1968 McQueen-Dunaway "Thomas Crown Affair" with the roles reversed. In Easy Money though, the role of the cop (Kent Cheng) becomes much more integrated into the storyline. George and Michelle chase each other around the globe, becoming more and more attached, even though George is essentially trying to put her in jail.

This is the first movie I've seen starring George Lam, and I was very impressed. In my opinion, he is the precursor to Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, with a very smooth and unflappable attitude in any situation. He is quite a good actor and has great chemistry with Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh is excellent as well, save for the bad hair and 80s outfits. She has no action sequences, except for some nifty driving in the streets of Paris. Kent Cheng lends a quality performance as well to round out the cast. Even though it is blatant rip-off of Thomas Crown, it's still made enjoyable by the presence of Lam and Yeoh. Add locations throughout Europe that they must have had a blast filming at, and Easy Money can easily be recommended to anyone looking for a good caper film.

Reviewer Score: 7