3 Days of a Blind Girl (1993)
Reviewed by: ewaffle on 2009-02-02
Summary: Blind to its charms
The archetypal blind woman in peril movie is Terrence Young’s “Wait Until Dark” which starred Audrey Hepburn as the spunky but vulnerable heroine who unknowingly has something that some vicious hoodlums want. She is terrorized by them until she is able to turn the tables. It is a terrific movie.

The reason it worked so well and “3 Days of a Blind Girl” doesn’t is that the audience likes Hepburn’s character but doesn’t care much about the blind woman played by Amy Yip. Mrs. Jack Ng, as played by Yip and directed by Chan Wing-Chiu, doesn’t find her blindness that much of a handicap. She gets around surprisingly well, doesn’t get disoriented when things aren’t where they should be and generally deals with her lack of sight as more annoying than disabling. The big reason for this seems to be that she and her husband think that her vision will return in a few days—she has just returned from abroad where an operation was done on her eyes and the condition is temporary. This might explain why Jack Ng is willing to leave her alone with only the company of a not very reliable housekeeper and a dog, perhaps the worst watchdog in all of film. But it doesn’t tell us how she is able navigate so well.

Anthony Wong is the very badly dressed villain who shows up shortly after the husband leaves. Within a couple of minutes we can figure out everything we need to know about him although the telling takes much longer. Unfortunately for the movie, crazy Sam Chu and blind Mrs. Ng are pretty evenly matched which kills any chance of real suspense or tension developing. If the victim doesn’t turn the tables on her persecutors, putting them at a disadvantage because they now can’t see (it gets dark, for example, the power fails) and taking advantage of being on familiar ground then the whole conceit is wasted. “3 Days of a Blind Girl” finishes things up in the least imaginative and most irritating way imaginable.

Not recommended
Reviewer Score: 3